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Furniture shipping

When shipping furniture, the cost can often be prohibitive. Especially when you’re trying to work with long-distance furniture movers, standard shipping services or trucking companies. Are you trying to organize a furniture delivery of large pieces? GoShip.com has furniture delivery options that meet your needs through our less-than-truckload (LTL) furniture shipping options. Our professional experience and network of LTL shipping companies provide you with options that are cost-effective, time-saving and easy to use.

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How to Ship Furniture?

Shipping furniture can be a different experience than other types of shipping. In many cases, the furniture may be able to be partially disassembled to facilitate safer and simpler shipping. Tables and chairs often have easily removable legs that allow you to pack the furniture into a smaller space. Crating may provide additional protection from bumps and shifts during shipping. Adding fillers, such as customizable spray foam, can fill the voids in the furniture to prevent damage caused by vibrations. Though this can add to your shipping furniture cost expectations, it can also save you a lot of cash in terms of insurance, customer service issues, and similar problems.

What is the best way to ship furniture?

What are your other options for getting the furniture to your customers? You could rent a full semitrailer, even though your furniture will only fill a small portion of the entire load. Unfortunately, this means you’ll either need to absorb the extra cost or pass it on to the customer.

You could load the furniture into a private vehicle to deliver. However, that will often exceed the cost of renting a semitrailer while keeping yourself or a valued employee away from the business. You could also hire long-distance furniture movers. But they’re accustomed to moving used household goods. This means they may not give your beautiful furniture the attention and care it deserves.

How to choose a furniture delivery company?

Any of these options will usually tie up your time while you make the arrangements, and often require a significant expense, or are difficult to pull off successfully. Fortunately, GoShip.com’s LTL furniture shipping option provides you with the best of both worlds. Our experienced professionals can advise you on the best way to pack your furniture for shipping while you enjoy the lowest shipping furniture cost with our easy-to-use system.

When you need furniture delivery with the care of long-distance furniture movers but the low cost of dedicated trucking companies, GoShip.com has the resources to get you there. Feel free to contact our experienced professionals today or book a furniture delivery with our user-friendly digital system.

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