Large Item Shipping

Shipping large item on pallet

When you’re shipping bulky items that don’t fill a full-truck-load,’s large item shipping services can help. For less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, our expertise and contacts in the industry ensure that you’ll get a good match. We can help move your items across town or across the country fast and easy. LTL shipping is the cheapest way to ship heavy items. Especially, when you aren’t sending enough large items to fill a full truckload.

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The Benefits of’s LTL Large Item Shipping

If you’re new to the shipping industry, is the perfect fit for you. Our platform is easy to use, and simplicity is built into our website. You’ll have experience on your side anyway with our professionals, who will take care of all your large item delivery needs. Not sure how to package your items to minimize the risk of damage? Need a more cost-effective delivery option that saves time? provides just what you are looking for. We have strong relationships with key LTL carriers across the United States. This lets us handle your shipment in a reliable and professional way.

How to Ship Large Items

When you’re trying to arrange large item delivery or just shipping heavy items, the “how” can be just as difficult to figure out as the “who.” Whether you sell items on eBay frequently or operate another B2C business, your customers are depending on you to deliver a product in excellent condition. Larger items need secure packaging to ensure they arrive safely. Crating, palletizing, wrapping and cushioning are just a few of the many options available to make sure your large item delivery occurs without any problems.

Shipping Options

Shipping heavy items or large, bulky items can be difficult — but what are your options? If you’re booking an entire trailer with a shipping service but only need a third of the space, you will pay for space you don’t need. You will either have to absorb the cost of that extra space or pass it on to your customers. You could handle your large item delivery yourself. However, DIY delivery can be difficult and can take you away from what you do best: running your company. If you are a small business or sell items online as an individual, delivering items yourself is not a realistic option. is perfect for serving smaller businesses’ and individuals’ shipping needs.

Transportation That Fits the Bill:

At, we don’t think of what we provide as the “cheapest” way to ship heavy items — just the most economical. We can help you find the right solutions for your company’s products, offering various price points and carrier options so you can choose what works best for your budget and timeline. If you’re ready to work on shipping heavy items with a minimum amount of time, energy and effort involved, contact today for more details. Or, feel free to book a shipment and discover the difference can make for your company’s logistical needs.