Small Business Shipping Service

Small business shipping

When it comes to small business shipping, many business owners are not sure where they should start. Do they need to set up shipping accounts? Work with one company, or many? What’s the best solution for their company’s specific needs? GoShip.com’s extensive experience with small business shipping solutions means we can help you find the right answers for your company’s needs.

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How does small business shipping work?

Small business owners often have to wear many hats. Managing everything from the production process to the ultimate customer experience can be overwhelming. Shipping and logistics are the crucial parts of any business, whether it’s small or large. For small businesses, shipping means even more, because it lets you provide customized customer experience and retain your customers. However, managing small business logistics is not as complicated as it may seem. Here a few key steps for a successful shipping strategy:

Plan ahead

Early planning is the key to smooth and well-organized business growth. While you are certainly planning supplies delivery, inventory, stock management, and business strategy, logistics can be often left out. But planning in small business shipping is critical. With a prepared approach, you will save costs, secure more capacity and will avoid shipment disruptions and delays. Eventually, successful shipments convert into satisfied customers.

Clear communication

No matter how small or big your business is, you will work with other companies and business partners. To avoid any bottlenecks on your supply chain and production, make sure to clearly communicate your ideas and requirements to parties you are working with. The more clarity and transparency there is in your communication, the better your partnership will influence both sides.

Working with a shipping platform

Trying to manage all the branches of your business at once can turn into a nightmare. Properly managed logistics and shipping require time and effort. That’s where shipping platforms come into play. Your logistics partners will handle most of the burden, like searching for better freight rates, carriers, shipment tracking, and billing. Platforms like GoShip.com have tools for instant freight quoting, regular shipment updates, and user-friendly interface.

Why Use a Shipping Platform for Small Business Logistics?

Many business owners don’t fully understand the need to establish small business logistics, but they’re crucial to your future growth. Small business shipping managers often make the mistake of assuming that their company is too small or doesn’t have enough volume to negotiate for better rates for their company.

By establishing a small business shipping platform for your company, you can ensure that your company is getting the best rates, service and shipping speed available. When your small business shipping solutions are set up in advance, you’ll have all the information you need to handle returns or exchanges that may otherwise require time and labor that you don’t have readily available. GoShip.com will take care of the logistics of your operation, so you don’t have to.

Small Business Shipping Rates by GoShip

You know you’re going to need some sort of small business logistics process in place for all of your company’s shipping needs. GoShip.com’s main customer base is small businesses, followed by individuals. You’re not going to have to worry about your account being lost between big businesses when working with us. We’ve created a platform that is fast, inexpensive and convenient for our customers, offering better rates and technology than our competition.

In GoShip.com, we’ve worked hard to establish relationships with key freight carriers in the United States and Canada. This allows you to get the best prices, service, and speed of shipment, as it’s our main focus. Whether you just need to move a few pallets of product to your customer; a large item or two that would otherwise be difficult to move safely and efficiently; or several pieces of furniture, we can provide you with the solutions you need. No matter if you’re shipping across town, or across the country, GoShip.com can help your small business thrive. We also ship to and from Canada, so there are even more possibilities for expanding your business!

Why Choose GoShip.com?

With GoShip.com, the process of arranging your shipments is easy and convenient. We have long-standing relationships with thousands of reliable, experienced carriers across the country. Our self-service website makes finding the carrier that’s right for you as simple as possible. We offer free quote comparisons, online booking, and tracking tools, and customizable solutions to meet your exact needs.

Logistics are more vital than ever for any retailer’s success. With our experience, expertise and extensive network of carriers, we can provide the capabilities you require to keep your promises to your customers. Get a free quote today!

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